Windsock Apartments & Beach

Our administration and cancellation policy
1   Rental must be pre-paid. After conformation renter gives BonRentAire / Windsock Apartments & Beach the right to charge renter's credit card with the amount due. This will be charged as follows: 50% deposit as a confirmation of your reservation and the rest of the balance will be charged at the requested arrival date.
    Government taxes can change without prior notice.
2   If cancelled foregoing upon 4 weeks prior to arrival,50% of the booked period, which is pre-paid, will be held as a penalty.
3   In case of a "No-show", or if cancelled within 4 weeks prior to arrival complete period will be charged.
4   Earlier departure from our villas the amount, which is paid in advance, will not be refunded.
5   In case of cancellation, we reserve the right to charge renters credit card with the amount due or to use renters credit card for refund.
Exceptions: In case of cancellation on holidays like Christmas, New Year, Queens Birthday, Annual Sailing regatta, complete period will be charged if cancelled within 4 weeks prior to arrival.
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